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The Richard Simmons Project Hope videos are the best workout program on the market. I haven’t used a better workout video, and I have been through a lot of programs. None of those programs worked for me though. I felt like they weren’t the best programs for me.

In the past I had a hard time staying dedicated and motivated to continue to stick with the other programs. They were grueling workouts and I never looked forward to working out while I was using them. Richard Simmons Project Hope videos are uplifting and positive. Richard Simmons is always encouraging throughout the workout. I actually enjoyed working out with the Project Hope videos and was eager to do the next workout.

I had been searching for a long time to find a workout program that would help me to lose weight. Other programs that I have tried include P90X, Jillian Michaels, Slim in 6, Insanity, and a few other DVDs. They were tough workouts that required a lot of my time. Plus, my muscles felt so sore the next day and that I couldn’t move. Feeling so sore would make me not want to continue with those workout programs. It was demotivating because my body hurt and I didn’t want to move. I also hated pulling muscles. There were a few times that I pulled a muscle while doing those workouts and that also was a factor to why I didn’t feel dedicated to complete those workouts. I didn’t want to have to worry about injuring my body while working out.

The great thing about the Richard Simmons Project Hope videos is that the workouts are effective without over doing it. Other programs that I tried in the past were painful to complete. Now that I am using the Richard Simmons Project Hope videos I don’t feel so over worked by a workout. I’ve never had an injury while using the Project Hope videos. The workouts are challenging, but effective without making me feel like I’m dead the next day. The Project Hope workouts are the best workouts that I have used to lose weight.

After finishing my Richard Simmons Project Hope videos I feel energized and confident in myself. I am able to complete the Project Hope video workouts and I feel great about my body. Once I started using the Richard Simmons Project Hope workout program I knew that it was the best workout program for me. I think that anyone can use this program because it is easy to follow, fun to use, and effective. The program is meant for anyone to start and to start to change their life towards a positive direction in 90 days. 90-days was enough time for me to decide to make lasting changes in my life.

I’ve known about Richard Simmons for a while because my mom used to some of his workout programs as well. I’ve seen him on TV and have seen how much weight he has helped people lose over the years. I’m glad that I have decided to let him help me too.

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